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We are a consolidated company with over 60 years of experience on the field of low tension power cables. We offer a high quality, well known cable which is distributed across Spain and Portugal and widely recognized among professionals in the industry.

Our mission is to offer a reliable and durable cable which fulfills the necessities of every single client, giving priority both to the product itself and the service we offer.

We are committed to the ongoing improvement of our production process. Thanks to the implementation of the ISO rules in 1998 we count with systems that ensure the quality of our cables.

Our aim is to become a referent company on the production of electric cables with international presence, distinguished by the quality of its products and best relations with clients.
Ibercable focuses its range of products in isolated electric cables for distribution of low tension power between 300/500 V and 0.6/1 kV, and cables for special applications (audio, TV, phone and intercom among others).

Always copper is used as a conductive, and PVC, halogen free polyolefin, cross linked polyethylene and high density polyethylene as isolators.

The range of access to our products is PVC single core cables and halogen free for fix installations (illumination, distribution board…).
We also provide with multi core cables up to 1 kV with cover both for movable installations (electrical appliance, connections) and fix installations both inside and outside (engines, compressors, pumps and so on).

On the field of movable installations we also produce flat cover multi conducting cables.

All the products are submitted to a quality control on the reception of raw materials, during the manufacturing process itself and on the final product to comply with the normative and technical requirements in force ISO 9001:2008, certificate AENOR ER-0545/1998 and IQNet ES- 0545/1998

A special mention deserves our cables with AENOR HAR product certificate (flexible cables of PVC and low smoke halogen free up to 750V).

Also it is remarkable that Ibercable for four years has been contributing actively as a member of the 42nd Committee of AENOR for the certification of isolated electric cables (UNE 21031 and UNE 211002).

In the premises we have all the means of production to give answer to your concrete requirements and needs as well as an extensive stock of manufactured products ready to sell on our warehouse to provide the best service to all our clients.
On 1946 Mr. Josep Mir invented its first electric machine which started the production of electric cable in Barcelona. That was the beginning of the company Conductores Eléctricos Mir (CEM). For the next 42 years CEM used to produce and sell across Spain not only electric cables, but also electric machinery for other manufacturers. During this period, the business experienced a great increase, extending its facilities and eventually moving to bigger premises until 1988.

During the same period the company was restructured under the new chief executive Mr Jordi Mir, and Ibercbable was founded. Such a change on the managing of the business required again a moving of the production facilities from Barcelona to Parets del Vallès (25km away from Barcelona) remaining the offices and warehouse in Barcelona. In 1999, after the acquisition of the industrial premises surrounding, the offices and warehouse were moved to Parets del Vallès as well. The company is specialized in the manufacturing of flexible insulated cable.

Later on Ibercable was introduced on halogen free and flat sheath cable (VV-K 0.6/1 kV) and became one of the leading companies of the product in Spain.

Nowadays our range of products can be found in more than 600 points of sale spread throughout Spain and Portugal.
C-17 Road Km 15,5 Blue Facilities 3, 4 and 5 Post Office Box 96 - 08150 Parets del Vallès (Barcelona) Phone: 93 573 00 79 - Fax 93 573 50 24