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The prices are the current at the moment of placing the offer. The prices will remain stable for the next 15 days. For longer periods of time it is recommendable to consult the validity or modification on the prices.


The buyer will always write all the orders.
Additional articles can be added to an existing order as long as they are placed within 2 working days after the original order has been registered.
In case an order is not fully delivered because of an incident on production, the freight cost will be entirely assumed by the seller regardless of the total amount.


The seller will pack properly all the products requested according to its standardized systems in order to make sure, under normal conditions, that the transport of the goods to its destiny is in perfect conditions.
As far as length of the cable is concerned, a ±3% tolerance margin will be held on the amounts delivered.


The delivery dates are settled according to the existing information at the moment of placing an offer or registering an order, but these might change depending on reasons beyond the control of the seller. Unless specified by both parts, the relation between seller and buyer will be according to the EX WORKS incoterm.
The seller will spare no effort to satisfy the buyer by meeting the delivery dates agreed, not being a delay a sufficient basis to cancel an order.


The due date of the invoices will be agreed by both parts and will not break the laws in force in Spain. According to them, the due date will not exceed of 60 days after the date of reception of the merchandise.


The seller guarantees all its products for a period of twelve months in case of a defect because of either the production process or the materials used in it.
Such period is calculated from the date of delivery and even in case the product needs to be either repaired or substituted. Nevertheless, it will only apply in case the defect is not related at all to any mishandle of the product.
All the claims in connection with the quantity supplied, regardless of the fact they are up or down, over the tolerance bounds, as well as those related to product types, should be communicated to the seller within the next 30 days after the reception of the material.
Any devolution on products must be previously agreed. The claims for defective material supplied must be communicated to the seller as soon as they are detected. The minimum conditions to accept any devolution are as follows:

-The merchandise must be devolved clean and in perfect conditions of usage.
-The freight cost of the devolved merchandise will be charged to who is devolving it.
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